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Family Therapy and Support Services

One of the most common questions we get is “What makes The Raleigh House more effective than other substance abuse centers?”

The short answer is that we look at addiction as being more than just using drugs or alcohol. We have a holistic treatment program that also focuses on family education, emotional healing, and relapse prevention.family support with drug addiction treatment

To help you understand why this approach is more effective, we will be writing a series of blog posts on each topic. Today, we’ll explain how family support can lead to successful substance abuse recovery.

Why Is Family Education Important?

Addiction can be difficult to understand as a family member. You may not realize it, but your actions can make all the difference when it comes to helping a loved one stay clean.

Focusing on family education helps with the recovery process in many ways:

  • Relapse prevention.When a recovering addict improves their relationships with their loved ones and can turn to them for support, facing the real world is a lot less frightening.  Having a support system can lessen the chances of a relapse.
  • Strengthened support.Understanding how to support a recovering addict without enabling them. The less enabling they get, the better.
  • Relationship mending.Addiction causes turmoil within relationships. It is important that an addict and their loved ones get the chance to repair relationships during treatment.

The Raleigh House Approach

The Raleigh House encourages family involvement throughout your loved one’s treatment. We provide weekly educational and support group meetings for families. These meetings help families understand their role in the recovery process during and after a loved one’s stay at The Raleigh House.

We also incorporate family therapy during your loved one’s stay. This can help mend the wounds addiction has created for your family.

If you are looking for ways to help a loved one recover from drug addiction, The Raleigh House can help. Call us today at 720-891-4657 to learn how our drug addiction treatment program can help someone you love get better.


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