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How The Raleigh House Can Help Heal Your Family After Addiction

A husband supporting his wife during an addiction treatment therapy session.
At The Raleigh House, we offer weekly family education sessions, therapy sessions and involvement in your loved one’s treatment process.

“Why can’t you stop?”
“Don’t you see what your drug use is doing to our family?”
“Was there something I could have done to stop this?”

Addiction doesn’t just ravage the life of the person abusing drugs or alcohol. It also cuts deep into the roots of the family system. Whether you’re the spouse, parent, sibling or friend of someone struggling with addiction, questions like the ones above have probably run through your head on a nonstop loop.

You’ve watched your loved one grow physically weaker and sicker. You’ve experienced their severe mood swings and behavioral changes. You’ve seen them struggle financially. It’s hard to understand why they can’t see the damage addiction has done to themselves and to you and your family.

Luckily, this is what a credible addiction treatment center is able to address. At The Raleigh House, our mission is to help your loved one overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders, so they can return to a sober and fulfilling life.

And since we know the family plays a key role in recovery, family support and healing are incorporated into our overall approach to your loved one’s addiction treatment.

How the Raleigh House Provides Family-Systems Addiction Treatment

At The Raleigh House, we know how much you love your loved one and we know how desperately you want them to return to being the person you once knew. We also want what is best for your loved one, and rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

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Over the 10 years we’ve been providing evidence-based addiction treatment in Denver, Colorado, we understand how addiction affects the family. However, we also know the family also impacts addiction. What we mean when we say this is there may be enabling and other behaviors you haven’t noticed that have affected your loved one’s substance abuse.

While your loved one is in their own treatment sessions, we get you and your family involved with the treatment process when deemed appropriate. You’ll also be able to participate in your own therapy and weekly education sessions.* During these support sessions, we help you to:

  • Learn about and understand your loved one’s addiction
  • Identify enabling behaviors that have affected your loved one’s addiction
  • Determine new behaviors and coping skills to help you avoid enabling and support your loved one’s sobriety
  • Address guilt, shame and other thoughts and emotions that may be preventing your own healing from addiction

As your loved one continues to progress through treatment, there may even be opportunities where you and your loved one can communicate together and collaborate through therapy sessions to begin rebuilding the trust and support that was lost during addiction.

We know addiction has torn your family apart. But at The Raleigh House, we’re here to help restore what your family has lost and get you and your loved one on the right path towards recovery and sobriety.

Get Family Support for Addiction at The Raleigh House

It’s time to take back what addiction and co-occurring disorders stole from your family. It’s time to get the holistic, evidence-based treatment you and your loved one deserve to overcome substance abuse. Learn more about our family support program and fill out our form or contact us today to learn more.

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