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A Typical Week at The Raleigh House’s Outpatient Treatment

A group of people put their hands together at a group therapy session.


You’ll have three group sessions in a typical week and each session will last three hours. The groups are small (about eight people) which allow everyone to participate in the discussions, exercises and workshops.

You’ll meet with your primary clinician at least once a week in a private session. If your clinician thinks it’s appropriate, you may even meet with your family in a private session. Family workshops are always offered on Saturdays.

Developing Individualized Treatment Plans

Yes, you’ll be doing a lot of therapy, but you’ll find that we use a variety of techniques to help you learn coping skills and increase mindfulness.

You’ll also benefit from wellness education and nutritional counseling. Getting sober is the first step in feeling better, but things like getting enough sleep, eating right, staying hydrated and optimizing digestion all help build the foundation for your recovery.

We also can provide medical services during your treatment, including drug and alcohol monitoring, PRN neurotransmitter and genetic testing and medication management.

Finally, we realize that a big percentage of people battling addiction also suffer from a co-occurring condition such as depression or anxiety. That’s why we screen for those conditions and, if found, treat them at the same time as the addiction.

About Us

The Raleigh House is a treatment center located in Denver where residents are given the help they need to rebuild their lives. Our team of experts works together to tackle both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. After you’re done with rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to join a sober living house, where you can transition back to normal life at a pace that works for you. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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