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Outpatient Rehab for Substance Abuse at The Raleigh House

The Benefits of Outpatient Treatment at The Raleigh House
Outpatient rehab can be an effective tool for relaunching your life.



Outpatient rehab can be a great option to relaunch your life. But many people also find that inpatient rehab is the right choice for them.

One of the benefits of The Raleigh House is that both options are offered, meaning that it’s just a question of determining what’s the best path for you.

Hope and Healing at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, we start the healing process by identifying any co-occurring conditions such as trauma, anxiety or depression.

As we work through those issues, we begin to lay the foundation for a life that’s more about what you can have instead of what you can’t. You can have peace. You can have freedom. You can have work you’re passionate about. You can have a good life full of friendship and love.

We lay the groundwork for your life-long recovery through the following:

  • Structured therapeutic activities
  • Health and nutrition counseling and coaching
  • Working to improve interpersonal relationships
  • Examining underlying issues that fueled the addiction
  • Beginning to change unhealthy thought and behavior patterns
  • Practices that are always compassionate and always evidence-based

That’s true whether you choose inpatient or outpatient treatment. It’s also true that you’ll have a multi-disciplinary team in place to support you. The team will meet frequently to review your case, discuss your treatment, prepare for your aftercare and work through any specific needs you may have.

Your needs are our priority—and we’ll do whatever we can to help you heal at your own pace and find a lasting recovery.

About The Raleigh House

The Raleigh House is a treatment center located in Denver where residents are given the help they need to rebuild their lives. Our team of experts works together to tackle both the physical and mental aspects of addiction.

Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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