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Should I Get a Sponsor?

do i need a sponsor
Typically associated with 12-step programs, an addiction sponsor is a person who volunteers to help a newly recovering addict in the early stages of recovery or beyond. As you progress through your 12-step (or equivalent) program, a sponsor will usually be assigned to you. But, if not, all you need to do is ask. Group leaders should be able to help you find a sponsor who is a good fit for you.

So, should you get a sponsor? Well, that’s up to you. Everyone recovers differently, and what works for one person may not be as effective for another. However, getting a sponsor to help you on your journey to recovery certainly won’t hurt. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, you are always free to find a different sponsor who might be a better fit.

How Addiction Sponsors Can Help You

Drug or alcohol sponsors have gone through many of the same addiction recovery challenges that you’re going through right now. So, they can provide valuable insight and guidance that may help you in your transition to a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

For example, a sponsor could help you stay motivated to practice the coping skills you learned in your professional treatment program. And, because sponsors are usually farther along in recovery, they could even help you avoid common relapse triggers before it’s too late.

What Does an Addiction Sponsor Do?

The main responsibility of your sponsor is to be there for you – not just as a recovery resource, but also as a friend and trusted advisor. Here are some of the things your sponsor may do for you:
• Lend an ear when you need to talk about your recovery or difficult life events
• Help you out by offering advice or giving you an outlet to vent and blow off steam
• Maintain your focus on the healthy coping techniques you learned during rehab
• Hold you accountable for the things directly under your control
• Prevent you from becoming socially isolated

Thinking about becoming a sponsor yourself?

What if We Don’t Get Along?

In order for any sponsor to help you, you’ll need to feel comfortable sharing intimate details about your life with that person. This is why finding the right sponsor is so important. If you and your sponsor just aren’t clicking, both parties will probably sense the friction. So, don’t feel guilty about opting to try someone else. Sponsors just want to help, and they will gladly step aside if you don’t feel comfortable. In fact, your sponsor might even help you find another person.

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