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Common Things Cocaine Is Cut With

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How pure is the cocaine you buy on the street? And what’s it doing to you?


Pure cocaine is derived from processing the leaves of the coco plant. But it’s unlikely the average user in America gets anything even close to that.

The reality is that cocaine is cut with all kinds of stuff—and it’s being done by people who don’t exactly know or care what the long-term effects are of inhaling boric acid (or any number of other substances).

What Is Cocaine Mixed With?

There are two different reasons for adding other substance to cocaine: as a “filler” to create more product and as an effect enhancer. Here are a few of the substances commonly used:

  • Boric acid. Used in many cosmetic products (and also for weatherproofing timber), it looks like cocaine and is readily available.
  • Caffeine. Used primarily for its simulative effects.
  • Diuretics. Used for their anti-caking properties
  • Creatine. Used as a supplement by body builders, this substance is easy to get and looks like cocaine crystals.
  • Levamisole. This drug is used to treat worm-infested cattle. It used to be used to kill parasitic worms in humans, but was found to cause a severe depletion of white blood cells, which increases the risks of all kinds of serious infections. According to reports, 73 percent of all the cocaine seized in the United States has traces of levamisonle in it. Why’s it used? Mainly because it enhances the effects of cocaine.
  • Lidocaine. This as well as other anesthetics, are often cut with cocaine. But when combined with the stimulant properties of cocaine, they can cause heart, lung and brain problems.

So how can you know how pure your cocaine is? Some users say that the bad stuff burns or makes you feel jittery (as opposed to confident and collected). Other say that they can literally smell the difference.

But the only real way to know exactly what’s in cocaine is to have it tested at a lab.

The reality is that even pure cocaine is dangerous—and highly addictive. The stuff you buy on the street? It could be mixed with sugar or it could be mixed with a dangerous anti-worm drug given to cows.

The bottom line? You’re taking your chances.

Help for Cocaine Addiction in Denver

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