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Relapse Prevention: Embracing the Weird and Funny Things to Do

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Boredom can only get you down if you let it. Part of recovery is exploring new ideas and activities.


The big lie of addiction is that life won’t be fun without alcohol or drugs. Nothing will be fun without alcohol or drugs.

It’s not true, of course.

To confirm that, just take a look around you. People go to movies and out to dinner without being under the influence of anything. They play basketball and do crossword puzzles. They take trips and hang out with friends.

And of course there was a time when you had that kind of fun, too. Even if it was a long time ago. The key is to develop a new mindset.

Weird Things to Do When You’re Bored

So you’re home alone—and have some time to kill. Basically, you’re bored.

Sure, there are lots of hobbies you could take up. You could also workout or read a book. But that’s not what we’re talking about. You’re not looking to change your life right now. You’re just looking to have a little fun.

Some of these might seem kind of, well, weird. But that’s the point. Let’s dive in.

20 Funny Things to Do at Home

Download a comedian’s podcast and go for a long walk. Make a vision board. Put together a care package for a friend or family member away at college or in the military. Start a blog. Make your own personalized emoji using Bitmoji. Write a poem for your mom. Learn to moonwalk. Take a bubble bath. Start an indoor herb garden. Do a puzzle. Start researching your dream vacation. Make a flower arrangement. Bake something from scratch. Plan a themed movie night. Learn to do nail art. Film your own cooking show and send it to a friend. Learn calligraphy. Create jewelry. Make a scrapbook. Call an old friend who always makes you laugh.

Recovery and The Raleigh House

Boredom can be a fact of life for everyone. At The Raleigh House, part of the recovery process is learning to cope with everyday emotions that are unpleasant. Our team of experts works together to tackle the physical, psychological, mental, emotional and social aspects of addiction. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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