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Uncovering and Discovering: How We Get to the Root Cause of Addiction

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It used to be thought that addiction was caused by a lack of will power.

So treatment was pretty much either detox or going cold-turkey—followed up with a whole lot of white-knuckling.

That approach may help some people get sober, but a good life requires a whole lot more than sobriety. It’s about feeling whole and happy—and ready to tackle the joys and challenges of life.

And that’s why it’s not enough to get sober. You also have to uncover the root cause of addiction. You have to discover how and why the addiction started in the first place.

What Causes Addiction?

We now know that addiction is caused by a mix of genetics, environment, life experiences and mental health issues.

Someone may have had a childhood filled with trauma. Another person may be suffering from undiagnosed attention deficit disorder. Then there are those people who have done battle with life and used drugs or alcohol to help cope with their wounds.

Until all of that is sorted out—and addressed—simply getting sober won’t accomplish much.

Treating the Whole Person

The best rehab programs recognize that the whole person must be treated in order for treatment to be successful.

That starts by screening for any co-occurring conditions such as depression, PTSD and anxiety. If anything is uncovered, it’s treated at the same time as the addiction itself.

Yes, you need the tools to be sober. But a good rehab will also give you the tools to be happy, peaceful and on your way to building the life you want for yourself.

A New Start at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, based in Denver, we believe that believes everyone deserves the chance to live a free, happy and peaceful life. We have all the tools needed to help you get sober—and build a new and better life. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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