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Finding the Right Rehab — One Man’s Story

A man stands alone, fishing in the Alaskan wilderness
Read how one man made a 3,000-mile journey to launch his new “healthy and meaningful” life.

Anyone who’s been there knows how alone you feel when battling addiction. Now, imagine how much more isolated you’d feel if you were living in a remote place—like Alaska—where you can’t just decide to get better, hop in the car and drive to a treatment program. Keep reading to hear the story of one man who—with the help of his wife—found a way to beat those odds and get better.

My Coping Mechanisms

For 25 years, I’ve struggled with alcohol and drugs. When I had stress or problems, those were my coping mechanisms. Finally, I’d had enough.

My wife began a search on the internet. What she found is that there are many treatment centers in Colorado.

But she was determined to find the best place. She began making phone calls. Lots of phone calls, including one to Eric Lapp, the founder of The Raleigh House in Denver.

In Colorado the Next Day

Eric then called me and talked with me for half of an hour. He answered my questions, told me what to expect. Most of all, he gave me hope.

I bought my plane ticket that day and was in Colorado the next day from Alaska—a 3,000-mile journey.

It was, by far, the best trip I ever took. That’s because this treatment center saved my life.

A Healthy and Meaningful Life

Here, at The Raleigh House, they taught me who I really am. They taught me the realities in life. They taught me how to cope and live a healthy and meaningful life—one of service and freedom. I truly owe my life to this place!

Your Story and The Raleigh House

Recovering from addiction isn’t just about getting off of drugs or alcohol. It’s about discovering who you really are, what you want out of life and how to get it. If you’re ready to take that journey, we’re ready to help you in every possible way, including physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

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