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Xanax & Sedative Addiction Treatment

Sedative Addiction Treatment in Denver, Colorado

Sedatives, also known as Barbs, Benzos (Klonopins, Xanax), Downers, or GHB, are classified as a central nervous system depressant. They are prescribed to promote calmness and sleep. The most common sedatives are barbiturates (barbs) and benzodiazepines (benzos).

How Do You Tell if You Have a Xanax Problem?

To successfully beat a sedative addiction, an addict must be able to recognize that they have a problem. Refuting an addiction can have serious consequences including overdose and even death. Sedatives can have life-threatening withdrawals if a user abruptly quits using the drug. Below are some signs and symptoms of sedative addiction:

  • I act irrational and agitated
  • I am normally drowsy
  • I have frequent refill requests from physicians
  • I am regularly dizzy
  • I claim to lose prescriptions regularly
  • I steal prescription medications from family and friends
  • I consume prescriptions much faster than indicated
  • I commonly have slow breathing
  • I visit multiple doctors for the same condition/medication
  • I have poor concentration skills

If you abuse Xanax, and any of the following warning signs of sedative addiction sound like you, then you may want to keep reading to learn about how we can help.

We Can Help Break The Cycle of Sedative Addiction

At The Raleigh House, we believe that people need a nurturing environment in order to heal during prescription drug rehab. With our high staff-to-client ratio, strong nutritional focus and frequent therapy sessions, our clients receive a greater level of care than at a traditional treatment center. Clients are assigned a treatment team during the assessment process that consists of clinical, psychiatry and nursing staff. The team will offer support, reassurance and safety along the way.

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What to Expect from Sedative Addiction Rehab at The Raleigh House

Quitting the abuse of a sedative can be concerning as one may experience unpleasant symptoms such as depression and suicidal thoughts, aggression, restlessness and hallucinations. It is normal to experience ongoing effects even after the abuse has ended. These can last for a few days or up to a few months.

Your clinical team will walk you through these symptoms if you begin experiencing them in treatment. The Raleigh House staff will make sure you are feeling safe and comfortable every step of the way. All clients will receive a thorough psychiatric, nursing and medical assessment upon admission. Individual therapists work with the client to create and implement treatment plans individualized to the client’s specific needs and goals for treatment at our Denver drug rehab.

Therapeutic Activities for Sedative Addiction Rehab

The Raleigh House clients begin their healing by establishing a strong and trusted relationship with their therapist and clinical team. During the group and individual therapy sessions, we will focus on building awareness of oneself and teaching new and healthy coping skills, while working on making behavioral changes. Groups are held daily and individual sessions are determined between the client and their primary therapist.

Nutrition & Exercise for Sedative Addiction Treatment

Sedative addiction involves both a physical and emotional dependence. The Raleigh House focuses on proper nutrition to help new clients replenish their systems from the vitamin and mineral deficits caused by drug abuse. Supplementing the body with amino acids and vitamins it has lacked can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Clients meet with a nutritional therapist to determine the appropriate diet plan for their treatment.

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Exercise is a great way to strengthen the body and mind while in treatment. It releases chemicals in the brain that are related to positive feelings and can help reduce anxiety. Exercise can also improve energy and motivation throughout the day while promoting healthier sleep patterns at night. At The Raleigh House, we offer different forms of exercise that clients may choose from based on their treatment recommendations.

Recreational & Leisure Activities for Prescription Pill Abuse Treatment

Recovering sedative addicts may find it difficult to pass the time without a drug. This may be one of the hardest parts of recovery, and is critical for relapse prevention as well. Recreational and leisure activities facilitate structure and support when starting a new life. These activities will aid in preventing a client from resorting to drug use due to boredom. We offer a variety of activity themes to serve different interests including sports, arts and culture.

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