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Vivitrol Treatment at The Raleigh House

Vivitrol Treatment at The Raleigh House

If you struggle with substance use disorder and recurrent patterns of reuse, a medically supervised intervention might be the best plan for achieving long-term sobriety. Medication-assisted treatment is one of the most effective recovery strategies for addressing long-term substance use disorder or severe dependency. One of the medications used to support rehabilitation for drug and alcohol misuse is Vivitrol, a medication that must be administered by monthly injection.

What is a Vivitrol Shot?

Vivitrol shots are formulations of a drug called naltrexone. While naltrexone can be taken orally in pill form, Vivitrol is an intramuscular shot. A trained physician must administer people undergoing medication-assisted recovery with Vivitrol, a monthly injection.

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Vivitrol is what is called an opioid receptor antagonist. It reduces the impulse to reuse drugs and alcohol by preventing endorphins from binding to opioid receptor sites in the nervous system. This inhibits feelings of euphoria and effectively eliminates the reward response from using intoxicating substances.

Like other medication-assisted therapies, Vivitrol treatment must be administered in conjunction with other interventions to assure the best outcomes. Treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, and experiential therapies address the underlying causes of substance use, empowering clients with the knowledge and strategies necessary to assure long-term abstinence.

Vivitrol Pros and Cons

Vivitrol is an excellent sobriety tool that has been proven extremely effective for addressing both alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder. The efficacy of this medication helps clients focus on recovery without enduring the temptation to reuse.

Vivitrol has exceptionally high success rates – studies have shown that Vivitrol treatment and recovery counseling significantly reduce opioid use. People struggling with addiction to both alcohol and opioids might find Vivitrol highly beneficial.

Vivitrol is not a controlled substance — there is no potential for addiction or misuse.

A complete medical workup will be required before prescribing Vivitrol treatment. People with kidney or liver disease might not tolerate Vivitrol.

Vivitrol is not effective for misuse of non-opioid drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine.

The Raleigh House Vivitrol Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment with Vivitrol offers an extremely high likelihood of long-term sobriety when combined with inpatient recovery. The Raleigh House offers clients a safe space for people battling substance use disorders, beginning with medically supervised detoxification and progressing to intensive therapeutic interventions during the 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs.

At The Raleigh House, we offer personalized medication-assisted rehabilitation strategies based upon your history of substance misuse. Integrating different therapeutic interventions into your treatment plan will target specific behaviors that contribute to the impulse to use intoxicating substances.

Our holistic approach to recovery involves deploying targeted therapies to identify and address the core factors behind your addiction. Medication-assisted treatment offers excellent outcomes for a diverse population of clients experiencing addiction.

Substance use disorder is a highly complex condition that requires dedicated, continual treatment to overcome and manage. If you are experiencing addiction and patterns of substance reuse, please contact the representatives at The Raleigh House to learn how our treatment programs can help you.

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