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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Near Fort Collins, CO

Addiction Rehab Near Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, CO Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Research shows that 20% of Colorado residents use drugs annually. This is higher than other places in the US and accounts for about half a million people who use illegal substances. While these numbers are staggering, there’s a way to help those people overcome addiction.

At The Raleigh House, an addiction treatment center near Fort Collins, we believe in helping your family and loved ones through addiction. We use holistic methods such as counseling, equine therapy, and group sessions to help you defeat addiction and integrate back into the community. We strongly believe in treating the whole person and not just the substance abuse. Our professional trained staff works to provide the best care to our clients, and we will support you every step of the way. Call us at to speak to an admissions expert.

What to Expect When Attending The Raleigh House

Holistic Treatment

The Raleigh House works to create the most effective drug and alcohol rehab programs by treating more than just the physical symptoms of addiction. During treatment, you will be educated about addiction, find ways to prevent relapse and learn to grow as a person. Our holistic treatment includes:

  • Peer-led support groups and group therapy sessions
  • Identification of any co-occurring conditions you might have
  • Recreational activities like yoga, rock climbing and boxing to help heal your mind and body

Family Support

We believe that family support is the best kind of support you or a loved one can have during recovery. We invite your family to our weekly educational and support group sessions to help educate them about addiction. Our trained staff will teach them techniques to support their loved one and how they can get through this challenging time.

Personalized Care

Addiction is a unique experience for everyone. Our trained and certified medical staff use board-certified psychiatric, nursing and nutritional assessments to help create a personalized treatment plan targeted towards your specific recovery needs. At The Raleigh House, we believe each person is unique and deserves an approach tailored to them.

“We would just like to say that The Raleigh House has been such a blessing to our family, especially when we thought we had nowhere else to go for any hope. We understand that timing and desire to change also played a big part, but the different type of presentation, program and kindness that The Raleigh House gave, we feel, is what ultimately connected to him where other programs failed. We can’t thank enough everyone that works there for all the effort and help that they offered him and us. We have been and continue to be so taken by your program that we have referred others to bring their loved ones if the timing is appropriate.”
– Previous Client

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