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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services Near Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Near Colorado Springs, CO

Fifteen percent of Colorado’s heroin overdoses are from this county, with Colorado Springs representing 12% of the state’s population. At The Raleigh House, an addiction treatment center near Colorado Springs, our top priority is to help those who are in need of addiction treatment. We provide quality care by using techniques such as identifying co-occurring disorders and creating individualized treatment plans.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, our drug and alcohol treatment center near Colorado Springs offers programs designed to support you through the healing process. Call us at to speak to an admissions expert.

Why You Should Choose The Raleigh House

Holistic Treatment

The most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs treat more than just the physical symptoms of addiction. Our programs take a unique approach to care and include activities such as peer-led support groups and community service projects. We work to help our clients address the underlying or co-occurring conditions that are often found beside addiction.

Our drug rehab center is located near 150 miles of trails and 3,400 acres of parks, giving you the opportunity to participate in recreational activities like rock climbing, hiking, and snowboarding/skiing. These therapeutic experiences help heal your mind and body.

Family Support

Family involvement is crucial when you or a loved one is working to overcome drug and substance addiction. We offer weekly educational and support group sessions to allow family members to come support all those fighting addiction.

Personalize Care

At our drug addiction treatment center near Colorado Springs, we believe our clients deserve an individualized approach during treatment. Our medical professionals will use a board-certified psychiatric assessment, a comprehensive nursing assessment, and a nutritional assessment to develop a personalized treatment plan for your unique situation and needs.

“This place helped saved my brother’s life. He had tried lots of rehabs before. The natural stuff they gave him really worked. Plus, they were awesome people … really cared, no judgement. I usually don’t do reviews, but if this helps another family, great! We love the Raleigh House!”
– Sibling of Previous Client


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