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Rehab Program with Private Pay Options

Private Pay Rehab at The Raleigh House

When you’re struggling with substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders, you’re not just suffering from the physical symptoms associated with your condition. You’re also struggling with feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment.

These feelings can keep many people from seeking the addiction treatment that they need. This is especially true when they think about having to talk to their insurance providers or loan representatives about getting treatment. Even though these people are strangers, it can feel embarrassing and stigmatizing knowing that others are aware that you need rehab.

Luckily, these types of people don’t have to know about your need for addiction treatment. At The Raleigh House, we offer the option of private pay. This gives you the flexibility to pay for treatment how you want and limit the amount of people who know you’re in rehab.

The Benefits of Private Pay for Addiction Treatment

Here’s why private pay can be the best option when trying to decide how to pay for treatment:

You Keep Your Treatment Confidential

You will obviously want to inform your family, friends and employer about your addiction treatment. But it’s normal and understandable that you want to keep the circle of people who know tight and secure. Paying for treatment out of pocket gives you the power to control who knows about rehab and who doesn’t.

No Insurance Provider Hassle

The types of addiction treatment and how long you can stay in rehab are oftentimes determined by your specific insurance plan. And it’s not unheard of for insurance providers to deny your addiction treatment coverage. Paying privately for rehab allows you to avoid all that run-around and hassle with insurance companies, so that you can put 100 percent of your time and energy into your recovery.

You Can Get the Actual Treatment You Need.

As mentioned above, insurance plans often dictate what rehab program you go to and how long you can stay. In many cases, you end up receiving less treatment than you actually need. When you pay for treatment yourself, you are in the driver’s seat. You get to decide which treatment center you go to and you can actually stay the appropriate length of time to get the most effective treatment possible.

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Why The Raleigh House for Addiction Treatment?

1. We Provide an Effective Continuum of Care

At The Raleigh House, we don’t just put you through detox and then send you back on your way to try to stay sober. Research has found that the most effective addiction treatment is 90 days or longer. That’s why we provide an entire continuum of care that begins with detox and ends with outpatient treatment and sober living.

Once we’ve helped you safely detox, you’ll enter residential treatment where you’ll participate in therapy and receive a five-star dining experience that work together to help your mind, body and spirit heal from addiction. From there, you’ll transition to outpatient treatment where we’ll help you learn to maintain your sobriety as you re-enter every-day life.

2. We Take an Evidence-Based and Holistic Approach to Treatment

There is so much more to addiction treatment than just individual therapy and group therapy sessions. While those therapy modalities are necessary to your recovery, we know that it’s not always easy to talk about what you’ve gone through.

That’s why we incorporate holistic treatments like equine therapy and art therapy to help you work through the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. We also include exercise like rock climbing to help strengthen your body and give you healthy outlets for your stress.

3. We Offer the Privacy and Seclusion You Need to Recover

It can be difficult to recover from addiction or dual diagnosis disorders if you’re worried about running into people you know. That’s why our detox and residential treatment programs are held outside of Denver in our state-of-the-art wellness lodge, The Ranch.

When you’re out here, you’re surrounded by nothing but mountains and beautiful Colorado land. There’s no city noises or crowds of people to distract you and stress you out. There’s just peace and tranquility to help you relax and focus solely on your treatment and recovery.

4. We Have 10 Years of Experience Helping People Like You Find Lasting Recovery

It’s easy to be skeptical of addiction treatment programs, especially if you’ve already been through rehab and relapsed. But one of the key differences between us and other treatment centers is our level of experience and years of service.

We’ve helped thousands of people over the last 10 years recover from addiction. And we can help you, too. Our testimonials can give you a better idea of how we have helped people just like you regain their lives after addiction.

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