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Typical Addict Behavior in Relationships

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Life is a journey—and it can only be enjoyed without the chains of addiction holding you—or your loved one—back.


People have the tendency to label drug users.

People who do heroin and cocaine are hardcore, while those who abuse prescription painkillers aren’t really that bad.

The reality is that they all can lead to what we think of as typical addict behavior. Someone addicted to painkillers can lie to their father and steal from their significant other just like someone addicted to heroin.

And it’s not because that person is morally bankrupt. It’s because that person is addicted. He or she has lost control of their painkiller use.

Whether or not they love you anymore isn’t really the issue (although it may seem like it to you.) The issue is that they now have a physical and psychological need to take painkillers.

Painkillers, in other words, come first.

Healing the Relationship

Painkiller addiction can be confusing. It may, for example, seem like your problem is that your husband missed four days of work. Or that your brother stole your credit card.

The problem is actually very simple: Your loved one is addicted.

And there is only one way to fix this problem—by getting clean and giving up painkillers.

Research has shown that 90-day programs are the most effective in treating addiction. What’s more, the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that family therapy be incorporated into any substance abuse program.

Family therapy can help by improving the physical and mental state of the entire family, preventing substance abuse from spreading to future generations, preventing behavior that enables addiction and improving communication.

How The Raleigh House Can Help

People die every day from prescription pill overdoses. If your or your loved one is addicted, that means that right now is the time to get help. The Raleigh House is a residential treatment center located in Denver that believes in a comprehensive approach to recovery that includes family therapy. Give us a call to discuss painkiller treatment or fill out our form to learn more about our painkiller addiction treatment program.

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