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Equine Therapy at The Raleigh House

Equine Therapy

Heal at The Raleigh House and bond with horses through Equine TherapyConquer Addiction by Connecting with Horses

Horses are magnificent animals. They’re nonjudgmental, compassionate and are able to mirror the emotions and attitudes of those interacting with them. These characteristics are what make horses such amazing companions for those trying to overcome addiction.

As an alcohol and drug rehab center, we offer equine therapy to help our clients identify emotional and behavioral challenges and develop skills like confidence and responsibility during their time in addiction rehab.

What is Equine Therapy

Equine therapy, also known as horse therapy or equine-assisted therapy, is the interaction between people and horses. Under the supervision of a skilled equine therapist, you have the opportunity to groom, feed, lead and ride horses. This part of addiction rehab allows you to process thoughts and feelings in a relaxed environment. Your therapist will observe your behaviors with the horses and identify areas of focus in your addiction recovery.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

You’ll gain greater self-awareness and empathy as you work with these gentle and nonjudgmental animals during your alcohol or drug rehab program. Caring for and working with horses provides many benefits:

  • Improved problem-solving
  • Better communication skills and trust
  • Improved confidence and self-acceptance
  • Increased impulse control
  • Increased social responsibility
  • Higher self-regard
  • The ability to improve interpersonal relationships

These one-on-one interactions with a horse will help you overcome your fears and address any emotional trauma preventing you from conquering your addiction. The special connection you’ll build through equine therapy can renew your self-worth and motivate you to live a healthier life.

Learn More About Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Our holistic treatment plans go beyond just the physical recovery from drugs and alcohol. Equine therapy is one of the many activities and programs that we offer clients during their stay at The Raleigh House. View images of our rehab center to see what to expect when you come to Denver, CO for addiction treatment. If you have questions about equine therapy or our rehab program in general, please contact us today or call us directly at 720.891.4657.

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