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About Our Addiction Program Activities

Healthy Activities Help You Heal

The Raleigh House encourages our clients get involved in activities that take place outside of our drug rehab center during their stay. Recreational activities are an important part of full drug and alcohol recovery and help our clients develop a healthy lifestyle.

Recreational & Social Activities

addiction treatment center recreationThe Raleigh House encourages involvement in the outside world during our clients’ time at our addiction treatment center. We provide opportunities for our clients to be actively involved in recreational activities such as yoga, rock climbing, boxing, and open gym. Our clients gain access to the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center, which offers a lap pool, hot tub, sauna, weight lifting room, and aerobic exercise equipment. As an addiction rehab center located in Colorado, our state offers premium opportunities for outdoor activity. Our clients get the chance to experience hiking, swimming, snowboarding and skiing. To make sure each individuals’ needs are met, clients regularly attend local 12-Step meetings as well as alternative support groups. Clients also participate in 12-Step events in the community, such as softball and volleyball tournaments, sober holiday events and conventions. Transitioning into the community is a crucial step for life after addiction rehab, and gaining sober experiences outside of a traditional treatment setting is an effective way to begin that transition. By utilizing a real-world perspective, the Raleigh House prepares its clients to thrive in their day-to-day life after addiction rehab.

Private Time

private time at the addiction treatment centerAlthough our addiction treatment program is a highly structured and supervised environment, we encourage time for personal reflection and meditation. We respect your personal time while keeping in mind that connectivity and healthy human interactions are necessary for a successful recovery.


Dining at the addiction treatment centerOur professional staff at the Raleigh House considers every client’s specific dietary needs when planning and preparing daily meals. Our meals are prepared by a chef who is trained in pro-recovery diet and is supervised by a nutritionist. Whether it is home-style or individually prepared meals, our staff is accommodating of different food preferences like vegetarian, gluten free, or other specialized requirements.

Past Clients’ Experiences at The Raleigh House

Although this is just a small offering of the activities that we offer at The Raleigh House, we are proud to offer a fully comprehensive program with plenty of healthy and healing activities. To read more about the success stories of past clients at The Raleigh House, visit our testimonials page.  

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