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Transition Back to Everyday Life With Our Sober Living Homes in Denver

Sober Living in Denver

Returning home after addiction treatment can feel like a jolt to your system. Suddenly, you’re back in the same substance-ridden environment and faced with familiar triggers and cravings. Relapse can be difficult to avoid if you return to everyday life too soon.

At The Raleigh House, we know how difficult it can be to reenter the “real world” after addiction treatment. So if you’re looking for a sober living house near you in Denver, our homes give you the ability to transition back to daily life at your own pace.

Sober Living in Denver with a Wide Continuum of Care

Sober living is part of our continuum of care approach to treatment, with two private residences available for those in our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP).

During this part of your recovery journey, you’ll live in one of our sober living homes in Denver with other people who are recovering from addiction just like you.

You’ll participate in meditation and mindfulness, process groups and other therapy sessions from 9am – 2:30pm. After that, you’ll go to the gym to exercise and participate in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

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4 Reasons to Choose Sober Living at The Raleigh House

Unlike inpatient treatment where you were completely immersed in healing from addiction, sober living is less restrictive and acts as an enhancement to your recovery. At The Raleigh House, our sober living program offers the following benefits:

1: Supportive Recovery Community

A key to staying sober is having a strong support system and community to keep you from falling into your old drug and alcohol habits. You’ll participate in process groups where you’ll talk about and work through topics like substance abuse, trauma, attachment and family.

2: The Growth of Positive Relationships

Your process groups will include all the same people, allowing you to build powerful connections that can support your recovery and motivate you to stay sober.

3: Life Skills Development

Your treatment sessions will also include topics like nutrition and art therapy. These can help you learn valuable life skills like how to cook pro-recovery meals and new ways to cope with stress.

4: Increased Freedom 

You’ll be able to come and go as you please, giving you the chance to participate in normal life while still having a safe, sober base to return to at the end of the day.

Support from The Raleigh House’s Extensive Alumni Network

At The Raleigh House, you the opportunity to build life-long friendships with people who have gone through similar struggles and know how important it is to stay sober.

But it isn’t just the people you’re living with and spending time within treatment who can help you on your recovery journey. The weekend barbecues at The Ranch and our alumni group meetings on Tuesday evenings are filled with individuals who understand your struggles and are excited to support your recovery.

Sober Living With Support for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones

Your family and friends are also a major part of your support system. We provide countless opportunities for you to reconnect with family members and heal from the damage of addiction together.

This support system can prevent you from feeling isolated, help you abstain from substance abuse and encourage you to pursue new goals and passions you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing when struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

Contact Us Today About Our Sober Living Houses in Denver

If you’re concerned about jumping back into daily life or have already struggled with adjusting to life back home, a sober living house can take the pressure off and help ease that transition. To learn more about our sober living houses in Denver, Colorado, please contact us today or call us directly at 720.891.4657.

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