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Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis

When suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD, it can feel like your entire world is caving in on you. These mental health disorders can even make it near impossible to make it through the day.

While drugs or alcohol can provide some temporary relief, constant use can lead to addiction. Suffering from both a mental disorder and an addiction can significantly impact your quality of life.

Learn about the mental health disorders we treat through our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Anxiety Disorder

While occasional anxiety is normal, constant nervousness and feelings of losing control can be crippling. Drugs or alcohol are often used to manage severe anxiety, which can lead to addiction. Our treatment program helps you work through addiction and develop healthier ways to manage anxiety.


Severe depression can be impossible to work through on your own, which is why some turn to alcohol or drugs to cope. Our treatment program focuses on helping you break free from substance addiction while developing better ways to manage depressive symptoms.

Complex Trauma

Trauma like physical or sexual abuse can be too much to handle, which leads people to abuse alcohol or drugs to feel better. Our treatment program treats your addiction and trauma together, helping you break free to substance abuse while also helping you heal from your trauma.


Terrifying or life-threatening experiences or events can trigger PTSD. When symptoms get to be too much, some turn to drugs for temporary relief. Our treatment program helps you work through your PTSD triggers and symptoms while also helping you break free from addiction.

Have you or a loved one turned to substance abuse to cope with anxiety, depression or trauma?

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