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What the Addiction Treatment Experience is Like at The Raleigh House

A group of people receiving addiction and mental health treatment at The Raleigh House.
The Raleigh House offers an “east to west” approach to treatment that includes both evidence-based treatments and experiential therapies.

Deciding to go to addiction treatment is a major step that can transform your life for the better, empowering you to improve your health and rebuild relationships. Addiction treatment at the right place can save your life. But the question is, what treatment center is right for you?

At The Raleigh House, we want you to feel comfortable and confident about your upcoming experience. Instead of taking our word for it, though, read other people’s experiences at our private wellness lodge just outside of Denver.

What People are Saying about The Raleigh House

From the one-on-one attention received and delicious, pro-recovery meals to invigorating activities like rock climbing and equine therapy, here’s what our previous clients are saying about their experience with us:

Our Step-Down Continuum of Care

“My experience with The Raleigh House has been life changing. The staff and clinical team were so supportive of all of my needs. They honestly saved my life. From intensive care I was able to step down to partial care (PHP). All of my needs were still met, just with more freedom incorporated with supervision from their staff. There, we practiced cooking our own meals and took passes to visit family and friends while attending nightly meetings.

From there, I was able to transition to their sober living. I was able to have even more freedom while being encouraged to have a full-time job and attend meetings. I also had the encouragement and support from the on-site House manager. It prepared me for a new life once I finished my treatment. I couldn’t be more thankful from intensive care to sober living. Thank you, Raleigh House!” – Philip

Our Compassionate and Determined Team of Experts

“The Raleigh House is quite appropriately-named. I was in a position where life had become rather grim, and the prospect of a future worth living was unlikely. Almost every aspect of my life seemed to present insurmountable challenges: financial, mental/psychological, physical/medical, social/familial relationships, etc. It was unfathomable for me that I could turn that ship around. During the hardest time of my life, I made a decision to try one last time.

When I finally decided to show up for myself, the people at the Raleigh House showed up for me, and helped me to chart a new course; a life that is more fulfilling than anything I’d experienced in the past. Special thanks to Whitney, Eric and Brittany. I will never forget the compassion and care given to me by them.” – Andrew

“I had an incredibly positive experience at The Raleigh House. Clinically, the staff are parallel to none. Tough love is their language and they really do push you by challenging your addict thinking and constructively criticizing your destructive and harmful patterns. They call you out, and they know what they are talking about. The BHTs are mostly in recovery, which really gave me hope as someone very early in sobriety.” – Ariel

Our Holistic Approach to Treatment

“The Raleigh House taught me how to be alive again! With their innovative use of holistic medicine, modern medicine and dual diagnosis approaches I was able to get to the underlying issues of my addiction. Most places put a band aid on addiction. The Raleigh House heals within!” – Natalie

Our Approach to Family Support

“My brother attended The Raleigh House and we had a couple family meetings sharing how we were feeling about what he was going through. We talked a lot of stuff out and got to understand each other more. It brought me and my brother closer thanks to Whitney! Her dogs also helped calm us down when we were a little tense during our meetings.” – Grace

Rewrite Your Story at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, we have over 10 years of experience helping people like you recover from addiction and mental health disorders. Here, on 40 acres of serene, peaceful Colorado prairie, you can rewrite your story. With our gold standard continuum of care, you can address your addiction head on, discover healthy ways to cope with cravings and heal your body, mind and spirit.

Ready to learn more about The Raleigh House? Contact our admissions team today to find out how to get started.

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