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“There is no such thing as a cure all program for addiction, it takes a ton of work on the person’s part to do the work, and keep it going in their day to day life now and in the future. Any negative review of The Raleigh House of Hope would be from someone who was not quite ready to stop their drug and alcohol dependency or abuse as there will be no one in this program restraining you to a bed to make sure you do not use a drug or take a drink … Instead you will find a team of people that are so individually different in their techniques that there is no one that will not find help here, so long as they are ready for it. Nothing will be sugar coated along the way, this is no doubt an intense program where you will get called on your lies and your manipulating but if you are ready for a real change it’s the only place in Denver to go. Only being here for 4 months it’s hard to believe this place absolutely saved my life and opened my eyes to a life that I never knew existed.”

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