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What Can You Do for Fun Without Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day?

A couple of friends hiking and getting exercise instead of drinking on St. Patrick’s Day.
Instead of partying on St. Patrick’s Day, take your loved one who is in recovery on a hike or to a café that is free of alcohol.

Your loved one’s addiction has come with an endless number of ups and downs. At the lowest points, your spouse, parent, child or friend may have been out of work, without a home to speak of and completely isolated from those who cared about them. But at high points like the present moment, they’re out of treatment, sober and maintaining a healthy life in recovery.

But then minor low points come around again, such as holidays that can trigger depressed feelings or cravings for your loved one. St. Patrick’s Day, with all its alcohol-friendly festivities, can do just this.

Luckily, you can help your loved one enjoy St. Patrick’s Day without drinking and spiraling back into addiction. This list of sober activities can give you and your loved one plenty to do on March 17th and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in ways you haven’t before!

11 Sober Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

If your loved one thinks parties and bar hopping are the only options for St. Patrick’s Day, it can be difficult to resist drinking. Watching their friends and family celebrate and enjoy alcohol knowing that they can’t join in, can make your loved one feel isolated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, give your loved one plenty of options that don’t include alcohol, such as:

  1. Hiking, Biking or Kayaking. The number one thing you should do with your loved one is enjoy the outdoors, especially if the weather is nice. Head to the mountains for a day-long hike, ride your bikes through the park to get some fresh air or get out on the water for some swimming, kayaking or canoeing. This physical activity will help keep your loved one healthy and happy.
  2. Attending an AA Meeting. If your loved one is in recovery, they absolutely need to be attending regular AA or support group meetings. And on days like St. Patrick’s Day, this is the perfect place to go if your loved one is feeling like they’re missing out on holiday festivities. And going to the meeting with them will show your support and keep them motivated and engaged.
  3. Spending the Day at a Spa. If it feels like you and your loved one are surrounded by bars, indulge in a getaway trip to a day spa. This is a great way for your loved one to rejuvenate their mind and body. Massages in a peaceful atmosphere will help them relax and take their mind off any anxiety they feel about St. Patrick’s Day.
  4. Golfing. Golf is another getaway option if your loved one needs to remove themselves from a rowdy St. Patrick’s Day environment. Golf is a calm game that requires focus and patience. Whether you play 9 or 18 holes, or just decide to go to the driving range, this activity will help your loved one focus on something other than drinking.
  5. Picnicking in the Park. If the weather permits, pack some lunch and take your loved one to a local park or lake for a picnic. Just getting them outside and away from the city’s bar scene can significantly improve their mood and help them enjoy the day.
  6. Hosting a Sober Party. Will your loved one feel left out if they aren’t partying with friends and family? Instead of going out to the bars, host your own sober party to give your loved one a safe space to let loose and have fun without alcohol. They’ll be able to party with their friends and keep their addiction recovery intact.
  7. Movie Marathons. Sometimes, all it takes to have a good time is to turn down the lights, curl up under some blankets and watch your favorite movies. Let your loved one pick a movie series to watch from start to finish or switch to Netflix, Hulu or another one of your streaming services to watch a new TV series.
  8. Game Nights. Games like Scrabble and Cards Against Humanity are challenging, fun and can keep your loved one laughing for hours on end. Instead of hitting the bars, encourage your loved one to invite some friends and family over for a sober, entertaining game night.
  9. Volunteering. Doing something good for others is a great way to boost your loved one’s self esteem and make them feel fulfilled. Look for local volunteer activities in your area that your loved one will enjoy, then make it an activity that both of you can do together on St. Patrick’s Day.
  10. Hitting the Gym. Exercise naturally releases endorphins to help you feel good, both physically and mentally. Your loved one’s addiction treatment and recovery probably included exercise, so encourage them to go on St. Patrick’s Day to maintain this routine. If you go with them, you both can get a competitive workout in or participate in an invigorating cycling or yoga class.
  11. Cooking Together. Food is always a great way to bring people together, especially if you’re preparing the meal side-by-side! And best of all, you can make it a full day event. In the morning, take your loved one out for a healthy breakfast. Then, hit up the grocery stores to gather all the pro-recovery diet ingredients you’ll need for your meal. When you’re finally back at home, spend the afternoon and early evening cooking together and sharing a tasty meal. This activity will keep your loved one busy and help them forget all about drinking.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Raleigh House

Your loved one’s addiction is something that will always be with them. But that doesn’t mean that it has to control them forever. If your loved one has relapsed or is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, they have the strength to recover and rebuild a healthy life they can be proud of.

At The Raleigh House, we offer an evidence-based and holistic alcohol addiction treatment approach that’s designed to give you the personalized care you deserve. With a step-down, continuum of care, we can help your loved one detox from alcohol, get to the bottom of their addiction in residential treatment and help them regain their independence without substance abuse in outpatient treatment.

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