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Why Our Treatment Program is Different

Why The Raleigh House’s Addiction Treatment Program is Different If you’re wondering what makes The Raleigh House more effective than … Continue reading Why Our Treatment Program is Different

I’m Ready to Learn More About My Addiction

The following addiction treatment resources and articles will help you find the information you need to fight your addiction to drugs and alcohol. You will gain a better understanding of how addiction works, from its impact on your body and mind to your relationships with the people you care about. You’ll also learn key factors that may determine the cost of your addiction rehabilitation treatment. Verify your insurance to begin the next step of the process.

Guide to Diet & Exercise in Addiction Recovery

The importance of diet and exercise as part of an ongoing addiction recovery plan cannot be understated. Find out why! Read More

Tips for Cutting Back on Alcohol and Saying “No” to Peer Pressure

If you’re concerned about your drinking and you’ve never tried to cut back, this article offers several easy tips for drinking less and saying “no” to alcohol at parties and gatherings. Read More

Preventing Social Isolation and Addiction Relapse

Loneliness is one of the most common relapse triggers for those recovering from addiction. When drugs, alcohol and other vices were constantly supplying you with instant gratification, important relationships were likely damaged or destroyed. Read More

Guide to Sleep and Addiction Recovery

Problems sleeping after addiction recovery can increase the risk of relapse. Check out our top sleep and addiction recovery tips Read More

Coping with Boredom After Addiction

Even though you’re on the road to recovery now, it’s possible that you could find yourself right back in the same predicament: feeling really bored. Read More

Tips for Addiction Rehab Success

When you finally commit to a residential addiction rehab program, it’s important to make the most of your time there so you can give yourself the best possible chance for a long-lasting recovery. Read More

My Personal Addiction Recovery Story

Recovering addicts share many things in common, but no two addiction recovery stories are alike. This is mine. Read More

Addiction Sponsorship: What It is and How It Can Help You

In this guide, you’ll learn more about how sponsorship helps and what it entails for both the sponsor and the newly recovering addict. Read More

Environmental & Genetic Factors that May Contribute to Addiction

While no single factor can determine whether or not someone will become addicted to a chemical substance, research shows that genetic and environmental factors may play an important role. Read More

3 Stages of Addiction Relapse: Emotional, Mental & Physical

Relapse may not be what you think it is. Instead of a singular event, relapse is a gradual process that can actually begin days or weeks before the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Learn more about the emotional, mental and physical stages of addiction relapse. Read More

5 Stages of Greiving Your Addiction

Learn more about the addiction grieving process and get helpful tips for progressing through each stage. Read More

How Much Does Addiction Rehab Cost?

The treatment cost for drug or alcohol addiction depends on the level of services needed. Learn more about the cost of addiction rehab and how to pay for it. Read More

Seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction takes real courage. You don’t have to do it alone. At The Raleigh House in Denver, we help our residents find hope through a holistic addiction treatment program that is personalized just for you. Why not get started today? Follow our simple steps for admission and get one step closer to your new, addiction-free life.

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