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Relapse Therapy for AddictionYour patients rely on you to recommend the right course of treatment for their unique needs. For those struggling with addiction to alcohol or other drugs, that could mean recommending an inpatient addiction rehabilitation program. If so, don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, make sure the facilities you recommend are prepared to address the unique biological and psychological impacts of various chemical substances on the human body.

Addictions We Treat at The Raleigh House

Accredited by the Joint Commission, our addiction treatment program is customized by substance and by each patient’s needs to fill the nutritional, medical, emotional and behavioral needs associated with substance abuse. This article is intended to give medical professionals a substance-by-substance overview of the comprehensive addiction treatment program we can offer patients.

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Alcohol Addiction

From its effect on the heart and blood pressure to its devastating effect on the liver, the impact of alcohol addiction on the body is well-documented. Learn more about our alcohol rehab program.

Cocaine & Stimulant Addiction

Because discontinuing the use of cocaine or other stimulants can initially cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Learn more about our cocaine and stimulant addiction treatment program.

Heroin & Opioid Addiction

Frequent or long-term use of heroin and other opioids slows down digestion, causes constipation, weakens the muscular system and can even cause glucose intolerance. Learn more about how our heroin and opioid addiction rehab program can help.

Ecstasy & LSD Addiction

LSD and ecstasy are both believed to affect the brain’s response to serotonin. This can cause a range of withdrawal symptoms, from difficulty sleeping and anxiety to high blood pressure and even hallucinations. Learn more about our addiction recovery program for ecstasy and LSD.

Meth Addiction

Significant weight loss, tooth decay and skin sores are common symptoms of heavy methamphetamine abuse. Some individuals may even experience premature osteoporosis. Get more information about our methamphetamine addiction rehab program.

PCP Addiction

Addiction to PCP can cause significant, long-term weight loss, severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Because of the known depression-fighting effects of regular exercise, we place physical activity and nutrition at the center of our treatment plan for PCP addiction. Learn more about treating PCP addiction at The Raleigh House.

Sedative Addiction

Patients who are addicted to sedatives may experience a range of unpleasant symptoms including depression, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and others. Our addiction specialists are trained to help patients deal with these symptoms. Learn more about how we treat sedative addiction.

Patient-driven Addiction Treatment

Of course, this is just a general overview of the comprehensive addiction treatment program we offer at The Raleigh House. Our plan for your patients will be customized to accommodate not only the specific symptoms they present, but also their unique psychological, medical and nutritional needs. Our masters-level therapists and addiction rehabilitation specialists will work together with you to build an individualized treatment program that can help your patients reach their goals for recovery and long-term sobriety.

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