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Learn Why Family Matters in Addiction Recovery

Family Happiness Parents Holiday Vacation Activity ConceptThe National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which studies the science of addiction, recognizes the importance of family involvement during recovery.

“Involving the family or significant other of the addicted client in individual or multiple family group sessions can reduce the risk of relapse,” (NIDA).

Not only can family involvement reduce the risk of relapse, it may provide many other potential benefits. In this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of family involvement in a loved one’s recovery and what to look for in choosing a family-focused addiction rehabilitation facility.

Benefits of Family Involvement During and After Addiction Recovery

To help you understand why family involvement is so beneficial to the addiction recovery process, we’ll explore how it can help shape a loved one’s course of treatment and provide a strong support system for maintaining sobriety long into the future.

Provides insight to counselors: Families who attend counseling sessions give addiction treatment specialists an opportunity to observe the family dynamic and receive valuable input from the people who know the addict best.

Answers your questions or concerns: Addiction is complicated. Attending family therapy sessions offers opportunities to learn more about the possible causes of addiction , how it impacts your loved one and how it can damage family relationships.

Support from peers: Your family is not alone. Others are dealing with many of same emotions that you are. Fear, anger, disappointment… Group therapy sessions can give you a chance to share your personal experiences and hear what other families have to say.

Teaches you the right way to help: The difference between supporting and enabling your loved can be difficult to understand. But, when recovering addicts can rely on the healthy support of family and friends, studies show that their risk of relapse decreases. Attending family counseling sessions can help you learn how to be supportive without inadvertently contributing to a loved one’s addiction.

Mends your relationships: Addiction doesn’t just hurt the addict. It can also cause a great deal of pain to your family. Family therapy sessions can help you find closure so you can begin to rebuild the relationship between you, your addicted loved one and the people you care about most in life.

At The Raleigh House, Addiction Recovery Is a Family Affair

We pride ourselves on offering a holistic addiction treatment program that is individualized to meet the unique recovery needs of our residents. This not only includes treatment for their emotional, behavioral and nutritional needs, but also education and counseling for family members and loved ones.

In addition to incorporating family therapy during your loved one’s stay, we invite family members to attend our weekly education and support group meetings. These meetings are designed to help you understand your role in the recovery process during and after a loved one’s stay at The Raleigh House.

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