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Raleigh House: Eric’s Story

Founder of The Raleigh House of Hope
Founder of The Raleigh House of Hope

The Founder of Raleigh House: Eric’s Story
The Welcome Mat
The Courage to Change in Simla, Colorado, welcomed my recovery the moment I arrived. The night that I entered rehab, I took an amino acid protocol, I instantly started feeling better. This is a feeling that would have taken weeks any time prior. Withdrawals that normally could last two to four weeks barely surfaced. The emotional roller coaster definitive of rehab never surfaced. Fast forwarding a year from my first day at rehabilitation, I realized what had happened that finally made me stop. It was as simple as having a choice. Free will is a luxury when a brain is addicted to drugs. I was given the choice to live or die. I was dying, and I chose to live.

Within four months of completing my rehab, I realized the main difference between all my rehab stunts were the amino acid supplements. They worked so well for me. I wanted to share them with friends. The company that made them refused to sell the amino acid supplement to me without a formed business.

I welcomed this challenge. It filled me with a desire and opportunity to build my own business. Entrepreneurial skills were the backbone of my professional life. This was before using became my primary agenda. Reviving my old self into a new life, I started the process of building my own business.

While learning how to combine my own supplement formula with what I had taken at rehab, I was able to communicate with someone who had this technology already prepared. She introduced me to a scientist and a team was built. We revised the formula and made it convenient for use as a powder supplement. A few years later, we partnered with the rest of our team that we have today. These actions made Raleigh House of Hope possible!


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